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October 12, 2011

The Surprise of Their Lives!

After these two adorable girls brought down the house with their performance of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," they got a surprise they will never forget! Their idol was there to meet them in person! Watch the magical moment when the girls met Nicki!


Sophia and Rosie Dance During Break

The adorable Sophia and Rosie from Essex, England, got down during the commercial break, and it was too cute! If you haven't yet fallen in love with these girls, you will now.


Sophia and Rosie Sing with Nicki Minaj

Watch as Sophia and Rosie try on their Nicki Minaj costumes. Sophia declared herself the "second Nicki Minaj" and even got to sing "Super Bass" with Nicki herself.

Watch Sophia and Rosie perform on the show here.


Set list

  1. "Super Bass" (Sophia, Rosie featuring Nicki Minaj)

October 21, 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie Dance!


November 7, 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie: AMA Correspondents!

Today, Ellen had a big surprise for Sophia Grace and Rosie. She's sending them to the American Music Awards as her red carpet correspondents! See how they reacted here.


November 8, 2011

Web Exclusive: Sophia Grace and Rosie Tear It Up!

America's favorite British girls are back! They were here for a hilarious interview with Ellen, but during the commercial break they brought the house down! Watch what Ellen called her favorite commercial break ever!


Sophia Grace and Rosie Are Back!

This dynamic duo is almost too much! The adorably precocious Nicki Minaj girls returned to Ellen to discuss how their lives have changed, and how Ellen dressed up as them for Halloween! While they were here, they couldn't help but perform another amazing song for Ellen. Take a look here!


November 14, 2011

Backstage with Sophia Grace and Rosie


November 22, 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie Meet Rihanna

While they were here, Sophia Grace and Rosie got the opportunity of a lifetime -- they met Rihanna! They told Ellen all about their meet-and-greet -- with the footage to prove it!


January 27, 2012

Sophia Grace and Rosie Say Happy Birthday!

The adorable girls from across the pond had a very special message for Ellen on her very special day. Too cute!


February 9, 2012

Sophia Grace & Rosie Do the Running Man!

These two Ellen All-Stars wanted to show off their new favorite dance move -- the running man! It was a craze that defined dancing in the '80s -- can these girls bring it back? You tell us.


Sophia Grace and Rosie See Fairies

If you've ever wondered where Sophia Grace and Rosie get all of their energy, talent and charisma, it looks like the answer is fairy dust! They told Ellen a very strange and exciting story about magical adventures. If you know what they're talking about, please let us know.


February 13, 2012

Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to the Grammys

You couldn't ask for better red carpet correspondents than the two girls from Essex, England, Sophia Grace & Rosie. See what happened when they met some of their favorite stars as they were walking into the Grammy Awards!


February 14, 2012

They're Going to Disneyland!

After their red carpet adventure, Ellen realized there was another place they needed to see while they were in California -- Disneyland! Watch what happened when Ellen broke the news that they were about to embark on an amazing Disney adventure!


February 20, 2012

Web Exclusive: Sophia Grace and Rosie Backstage!

The dynamic duo got ready for the show backstage with some dance moves and a brand new mic that was a big hit. Check it out!


Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform 'Moment 4 Life'

They started their singing careers with a Nicki Minaj song, now the girls are performing another one of her big hits! Check out this incredible performance of "Moment 4 Life" right here.


Sophia Grace & Rosie Get a Cotton Candy Maker!

If you saw their Grammy video, you know that one of the girls' favorite treats is cotton candy! Ellen surprised them with a very special gift that she's sure their parents will love — their very own cotton candy maker! Let the sugar rushes begin.


Sophia Grace & Rosie Discuss America

They're from the UK, but these girls are starting to get used to the states! They told Ellen about their favorite things to do here in the US, and about how excited they are to go to Disneyland!


Set list

  1. "Moment 4 Life" (Sophia Grace, Rosie)