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The Wiki Rules

Hi everybody. Please take the time to read the next rules. Wiki Rules are made to keep a safe enviroment for everyone in the Wiki, especially kids. I know a lot of kids visit the wiki so it wouldn't be pleasant for kids to find swear words in comments or bad things about Sophia and Rosie. Don't forget the wiki is about Sophia Grace and Rosie, 8 and 5 years old girls. Read the rules and enjoy!

Swear Words, Bullying and Trolling

SWEAR WORDS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE WIKI. There's no excuse about it. Words such as Hell, Damn, A-s, B-stard, B-tch, Sh-t, F-ck, F-ggot and C-nt are PROHIBITED! Any comments with swear words will be eliminated, and the user that posted it will also have a warning. The first post will receive a warning, and the second will be a 1 week block. I also have zero tolerance on Bullying and Trolling. There was recently a war on the comments saying that Sophia was fat. People started posting comments about it and it was not pleasant when I found out about an anon commenting on other to "F*** off" because of calling Sophia fat, and that's not nice. That is not tollerated and it will cost the user a direct 1 week ban. Please respect other users and if you don't agree with other user tell it to them nicely.

Vandalism and Inserting False Information

Acting of Admins or Chat Mods in my absence

I will be controlling the Wiki everyday during one hour, but if another admin sees something that breaks the rules, they have the permission of warn the user and revert what he did. If that happens they should leave a message on my talk page telling me what had happened and showing me what the situation was.

When chat is used, at least one Chat Mod should be present to inform if anyone is breaking Chat Rules. Chat Rules are the same that Wiki Rules, and the same swear words are not permited. Chat Mods should do the same that admins if an event like that occurs.

If you want to be an admin/chat mod you'll have to make at least 100 edits and be active at the wiki. Also, you have to leave a comment on the page saying that you understand and agree with the rules so we can be sure you will work hard on the Wiki. I think I said everything I had to. Enjoy the Wiki!

Example of Comments

Swear Comment